Graduate Research Opportunity

The M3 group is seeking highly motivated graduate students (MS or PhD). We are mostly focusing on multiscale computational modeling of material systems with advanced structural and functional properties.


Applicants with good knowledge of MD, DFT, FEA or other computational simulation techniques are encouraged to apply. Ability to write/execute simple code (any language) is desirable.


Applicants who are interested in our group should send his/her CV to Prof. Xu at Inquiries can be sent to the same address.


Applicants is expected to have a bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering, materials science, chemical engineering, physics, chemistry or other related discipline.


Undergraduate Research Opportunity

The M3 group is seeking enthusiastic undergraduate students who are interested in computational modeling and simulations of material systems, such as Finite Element Methods, Molecular Dynamics, Quantum Mechanics, and so on. If interested, please contact Prof. Xu at for the opportunity at anytime.